Home extensions are one of the best methods that homeowners can use to improve the utility and value of a property. One of the most important factors in home extensions is how much they cost. It is important to estimate the general costs while planning an extension, including planning, design, construction and final touches. It also includes different extension projects like single-story storey extension, two-story storey extension, loft conversionsand others. Each Extension cost is different from the next.

How Much Extension Cost?

The cost of expanding a house generally depends upon several important factors. It includes the design type, size of the project, materials to be used, and location of the property, whether it is a single-story, two-story extension, loft conversion, or conservatory conversion. Other costs that are not included in the build cost include the planning permission fee, the fee charged by an architect, and internal finishes, respectively. It is important to have a comprehensive guide on how much an extension costs.

Types of Home Extensions

Home extensions are a great way to improve the living space for homeowners without changing the location. It is important to meet different options to ensure that you get the best for your home extension. Various types of home extensions are available in the market that are designed according to the need. All of them offer a unique way to expand your home and increase the value of property. Now let discuss the types of extensions that will help you in enhancing your home.

Single Storey Extension:

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A single storey extension is the smart choice among homeowners to add more space to their homes. Instead of constructing another floor, you can make your living space bigger by creating rooms like a small office for work and guest bedrooms. The cost of this kind of extension is calculated per square metres and the quality of material selected by the houseowner. Location of the house also matters in the extension of the house.

Two Storey Extension:

Two storey extension offers the best opportunity to construct additional living rooms, kitchen and bathrooms. The process starts with the construction planning and design. It is important to choose the expert architecture for your home extension. Two storey extension also increases the value of your home as compared to single storey extension. The overall cost of a two storey extension is much higher than single storey extension.

Loft Conversion:

Another form of increasing the space of your home is the loft conversion that is becoming popular in the United Kingdom. The purpose of the loft conversion is to create a new space beside the ground floor. This may be more preferable to the homeowners who have a small amount of space. They are often used as a bedroom, home office and a secondary living space. Loft conversions are much cheaper than the full-ground floor extension.

New Conservatory:

One of the most common trends in the addition of the living space is the construction of new conservatories. It is a separate structure formed with the help of glass which is built at the back of the house. Conservatories provide a bright and sunny living area. It is a low cost solution for the homeowners to enhance the beauty of your home. The most popular conservatories are Victorian and Edwardian.

Garage Conversion:

Garage conversion is the most popular home improvement project. It is a budget-friendly way to add an extra living space to your home. Conversion turns an unused garage into a living room, a small office or a playroom. This process also contributes in increasing the value of your home. Garage conversion requires a proper installation of a ventilation system and lighting system.


Q. What is the cheapest way to extend a house?

One of the most affordable methods to extend a house is by adding an extra storey, garage conversion, loft conservatory. This method is much cheaper and time-saving as compared to constructing a new structure of building from the ground. It also increases the value of your property.

Q. How to extend a small house?

If you need more living space in a small house you may transform your garage, attic or basement into a livable space. Another possible extension is the construction of a small room in a small house. These extensions are less expensive as compared to other extensions.

Q. What are the advantages of home extension?

1. Addition of extra living space .

2. Less expensive than constructing new structures.

3. Customizable according to need and style.

4. Increases the value of your home.


Although the cost of an extension depends on different factors like the size of the extension, the design and type of extension, the quality of the material selected for construction, and the location of the property,. Simple extensions, like turning a garage into a living space, are more affordable as compared to the construction of new structures and luxury finishes. The selection of experienced contractors, electricians, and plumbers is also an important part of the extension process.