Fundraiser to help Margo

This is Margo’s house. The first two photographs are what the house looked like before a cowboy builder and conman got in the house. The next 6/7 photos are what he did. We took over to help this family after the builder took £45,000 from them. l am not charging a penny for my time on-site or my work. We have had help from other companies to get the house to where it is today the transformation is amazing. We still need to finish the inside and are looking for the British public to help with our fundraiser. You can clearly see we are doing good things for people who can not get out of a hole the cowboy builders have put them in. We need another £12,000 to help finish this in materials please help and donate what you can.

We need your help to continue helping people who have fallen victim to cowboy builders. Over the past 12 months, we have been helping people rebuild their homes and lives due to cowboy builders devastating their homes. We are doing a major project at the minute and we need your help. Margo was ripped off for £45,000 leaving them with no home and a repair cost of over £50,000.

We have now undertaken a lot of the work with help from local tradesmen, but we need to raise money for the materials such as new boiler, radiators, insulation, bathroom, plaster, plasterboards, doors, skirting, also carpets. If you could make a small donation or supply any of the above items it would be a massive help. We will continue to help victims of cowboy builders but we can only continue with your donations for materials. We are trying to raise £12,000 to help us and the local community finish this project. This house will be part of a TV programme about cowboy builders which will be seen on ITV. Please donate what you can on our Facebook fundraiser at

Please share and follow us on Facebook. It does not matter how small the donation, it will all help. If 12000 people see this post and give £1 we will have done it.

Thank you, Stay safe.